Monday, June 8, 2009

Dumpster Sluts

They think they know what they're getting into until five minutes in and you can see the change in their faces, feel it in your gut, twisting as it's played out. It's exactly as the men plan it -- a by-the-numbers machine that never fails. Never fails.

These girls/women will rarely do it again. Predators behind the camera -- the industry -- know this and so "milk" the one time.

The idea is that every male out there secretly wishes to deeply degrade, if not destroy a woman, or women in general (separate?). Not just put them in their place(s), but punish them. Scar them. For life. Why? For what? For being sexually attractive? For having to contend with years of supposed "equality" -- being forced to treat them as fellow human beings instead of (at worst) toys and "cum dumpsters", or (at best) the coveted objects they are.

Also: do we deep down know how strong -- powerful -- Woman really is? (We dig poking fun at their skittishness ["What are you, a woman?"; "You fight like a girl."] -- like how they jump or cover their eyes during a gory movie, when in reality, they will see more blood than your average ten combat medics will in their careers and feel more physical pain than any group of people I can compare it to.) Certainly, we are afraid of that as well -- subconsciously, of course. Denial of insecurity surely feeds rage, no?

(Way to manifest y/our masculinity, fellas. Y/our individuality. By joining the pack of wolves, embracing the stereotype.)

Porn is no longer "chic" or "quiche" -- amusing, smutty, ridiculous. The underground has become the mainstream -- hardest of hardcore now Top 40.

There's more, there's always so much more, but what's it matter, right? What's it matter?

"We are each our own devil and we make this world our hell" - Oscar Wilde



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