Friday, August 21, 2009


para K - esto es lo que yo soy

(I try not to think of, but FEEL you - US - under blackened skies, huddled. You trembling, I tried to melt you. You kicked and clutched, hanging on, internal warfare. I always knew. I caressed and embraced, combating those harsh voices with Tenderness. Peace came when we just breathed and accepted and I'm not sure It ever came for you - your mind couldn't let go. I pressed my warmth closer to you and squeezed and you moaned and suddenly I had Worth. On my lips and tongue, wetness mixed with your constant flow of blood - your life inside me. 'Neath the dull grey and piercing black of your aura, are shimmering oranges yellows greens blues swirling, translucent white sparks dotting the Gorgeous fray. A life too hard lived, yet not lived at all. You are Intensity Vitality Sadness Hope Courage Brilliance Beauty A Blessing Love. Love. You are the deepest ocean unimaginable. I miss It. Like hell.)

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